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Doblet: get charged

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Right before you need that Uber, right when your Mother-in-law calls, or right when you really REALLY needed to order food and you waited until that last moment right before you starve, your phone buzzes that ominous buzz, and it dies. It is a strange feeling, an unsettling loneliness and disparity, almost as if we lost a best friend that was smarter than Hawking and lived in our pocket. There is no ceremony, no closure, just a dark black square that we now have to hold onto amidst our most frantic moment. Oh what a horrible feeling.

Panic be gone! We have found a solution, THE solution, to help you stay on top of your battery life.

Starting immediately, we will be offering Doblet portable batteries for use inside Parisoma! Doblet is startup providing app-driven portable batteries at over 500 locations throughout the Bay Area. You or a guest can now pick up a portable phone battery at the Parisoma front desk. We are excited to offer this new amenity and we hope you enjoy staying charged!

To use a Doblet, follow these simple steps:

1. Download the app. Note that iPhones will automatically open the app store page, while Android users must search in the Play Store
2. Make an account using Facebook or your phone number.
3. Plug in a Doblet (blue cord for iPhone, green cord for android) and start charging!
4. Return the Doblet to the same stand when you are done using it.

Troubleshooting tips: If you are ever confused the instructions for use are located on the back of the Doblet. If the app is downloaded but the Doblet is not charging the phone, first try to unplugged and plug the Doblet from your phone. If it still does not charge, the Doblet likely has a low battery so simply grab a different one!

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