four reasons we're going to she started it! and so can you at parisoma

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Four Reasons We're Going to She Started It! And So Can You at PARISOMA

Gender diversity is a monumentally important discussion taking place in the tech industry. However, many of these discussions conclude with emphatic proclamations of "We need more women in tech!" This leaves us with an equally monumental problem to solve: how? How can the tech community encourage more women to pursue their goals of becoming entrepreneurs, developers, or business leaders?

Join author and filmmaker Nora Poggi for a panel discussion focused on the practical, on-the-ground, experiences of women currently in the tech industry. The discussion will kick off with an exclusive preview of the upcoming documentary She Started It, which tells the real life stories of women who took a chance and followed their entrepreneurial dreams. After the screening, our panel of developers, executives, and founders will offer their advice, their unique experiences, and their most important tools for women entering the tech industry.

You can check out a preview of the film here and register for the event on our Meetup page. 

Jess Erickson

Director of Diversity, 500 Startups

Jess Erickson
“ I firmly believe a community should be made up of different genders, ages, social backgrounds etc. Why? A richer tapestry of people leads to a richer tapestry of ideas, of problem solving and innovation. People from different corners of the globe can come together and tackle problems in unique ways, and from different perspectives.”

See Jess on stage at Insight Germany

Brenda Jin

Senior Platform Engineer, Slack

Brenda Jin
“I want the world to be a place where all people are empowered to pursue and achieve their dreams, and I hope to contribute to that vision each and every day.”

Brenda at the AT&T Women in Technology Hackathon

Fran Maier

Co-Founder,; Advisor at Portfolia@franmaier

Fran Maier
“Images matter. We haven’t - yet - had enough women in leadership positions in tech companies, start-ups, and overall in business for younger women to look up to and believe that they can do it too, just as easily and with as much acceptance as men. This has to change.”

Fran on PBS NewsHour

Kisha Richardson

Senior Software Engineer, Westfield Labs @kisharichardson

Kisha Richardson
“Success in this business is virtually impossible without educational access, professional opportunities and technical mentors. As an engineer, entrepreneur and educator, I am committed to doing everything in my power to teach, to mentor and to be an example of what is possible when women and people of color are given appropriate tools for success.”

Kisha on NPR's All Things Considered

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