international startups in sf #1 meet nurx, disrupting drug access

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International Startups in SF #1 Meet Nurx, disrupting drug access

Eddie is a Doctor and Entrepreneur. He’s half Greek half Norwegian and chose San Francisco to launch his startup, Nurx.

Nurx aims to ease access to certain prescription drugs, like oral contraceptives and HIV prevention medication, by drastically simplifying the process. Soon, a bike messenger will be able to deliver your birth control pills in less than 2 hours.

We asked him why San Francisco was the right place for his company to launch.

'In San Francisco, people welcome disruption'

I’ve had many discussions back in Europe with people who were only seeing the problems that we will be facing with Nurx. In San Francisco, people are solution-oriented, they are open to new ideas and are excited to try something different. When you are building a startup, that is the mindset that you are looking for.

‘The US market potential is so much bigger'

Hans, my co-founder was part of a previous Y-Combinator batch with his first startup, so he has an incredibly interesting network here already. Plus, the potential market for the prescription meds that we’d like to start with are so much bigger in the US. Launching Nurx in San Francisco just made sense for us.

‘As foreign entrepreneurs, we’re here to bring value but the challenges are huge'

There are many difficulties here as a non-American citizen - it is difficult feeling scrutinized each time you cross the border, it's difficult finding housing in SF, it's difficult knowing where to start once you get here and knowing who to connect with. 

But the benefits outweigh the challenges and here are my recommendations for international startup founders trying to make it in Sf:

‘Embrace openness as much as possible'

I used to think that the less I share about my business ideas, the better. However, I’ve realized that the opposite is true. Talking to as many people as possible is what any entrepreneur should be doing. In San Francisco, there’s a ‘network’ mentality - everyone is happy to share, meet with you, and introduce you to their networks. And, of course, this city is home to the biggest pool of potential investors and advisors for new tech startups.

‘Find a co-working space, that's the ultimate place to be’

Being at PARISOMA, surrounded by like-minded people who are willing to share and help, is of tremendous value to us. While you are here, you want to find a place that allows you to get quick access to a community of entrepreneurs. That’s where your journey will take off.

At PARISOMA we've been welcoming entrepreneurs from all over the world. With our partners Calso, we've decided to launch a membership specifically geared towards international entrepreneurs; Tarmac. If you want to spend 3 months in San Francisco, apply now ! Screen Shot 2015 04 09 At 2.21.41 Pm

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