meet daisy, our new host @parisoma!

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Meet Daisy, our new host @PARISOMA!

Seated at the front desk at PARISOMA is an excited Daisy Berns, our new office host. She is originally from Amsterdam, The Netherlands - the only city in the world that is somewhat comparable to San Francisco’s awesomeness. While living in Holland in the recent years, Daisy has kept herself busy writing children's books, yet spending her days dreaming of sunsets in the city of lights and earthquakes. Never did she climb such hills, or devour as many tacos as she does now in San Francisco, and she is happy to say she doesn’t miss her Holland home. Past are the days of clogs and cheese, bring forth computers and techies please! Come on in and meet her, she will be the smiling Dutch girl with tulips in her hair, and most likely be standing right in front of you ushering cups of tea and coffee into your hands.

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