parisoma is joining forces with tech_shop

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PARISOMA is joining forces with TechShop

The next big revolution is the spreading of the internet to the tangible world. From wearable tech to smart homes & connected cars, the internet of things has become the standard for innovation.

In order to support those who are bridging these two worlds and inspires others to follow, we've partnered with TechShop to open our space and our services to the hardware & maker communities in San Francisco.

Starting this month, we are launching a dual membership with TechShop, giving full-time members of TechShop access to a discounted membership at PARISOMA and vice versa. We also launched CODE + MATTER, a new event series that celebrates new products at the crossroads of hardware and software.

Membership at PARISOMA

First-come, first-serve seating in our open space. Pull up a chair at a ping pong table, and work alongside other tech and design entrepreneurs. PARISOMA is open 7 days a week from 5am to 1am.

Open space membership includes free access to all of our events and classes. Plus WiFi, printers, coffee/tea, community events and 3 hours conference room time per month..

Regular Price: $345/month

Price for members of TechShop: $295/month

TechShop members looking to join PARISOMA can email or drop by our space in San Francisco.

Membership at TechShop

Membership at TechShop includes unlimited access to TechShop facilities. Use our advanced machines and tools, sophisticated design workstations and software, network with other members, and work on your projects. Includes all member perks. Get access to over $1 million dollars worth of advanced machines and tools, sophisticated 2D and 3D design software, and other professional equipment for a very low monthly membership fee.

Regular Price: $125/month

Price for members of PARISOMA: $95

Members of PARISOMA looking to join TechShop can visit their San Francisco location at 926 Howard St.

PARISOMA provides freelancers and early-stage companies with the space and tools they need to support their business.