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Rethinking Health: Zana Medical

Alternative medicine has always been a hard sell for most Westerners, but maybe we’re overlooking a key component - how practitioners are diagnosing using these methods. With alternative practices like acupuncture, massages, and herbal medicine it’s hard to believe a certain grain or tea can help symptoms. But, it’s the practice of personalizing a cure rather than looking at a “one size fits all” solution that holds alternative medicine in our world today.

The cannabis industry is no different. Said to help with Alzheimer, nausea, and many other issues people are now turning to medicinal cannabis in search of alternative treatments that work; and they’re not alone. PARISOMA-based startup, Zana Medical is addressing the budding industry and lack of personal care for medicinal users. This holistic approach to healthcare is the brainchild of the Ezra Barth-Rogers and Hadar Wissotsky, both highly active members in the healthcare space. Their approach, develop an integrative system which helps patient through the whole spectrum of their condition, not just the in-office visit.

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What can a cannabis startup offer? Glad you asked. With over 35% of Americans suffering from chronic sleep disorder, Zana Medical have targeted their program towards insomnia, piloting “The Zana Way: 30 Days to a Better Night’s Sleep.” We all know a good night’s rest is crucial to a productive work week, so this program is designed to study the patient’s condition, food, movement and environmental patterns to personalize care and educate on the “how” and “when” to use cannabis to maximize sleep.

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Coupled with their programs, the team offers an array of articles, podcast, and videos (Cannabites) through their health lab to help simplify the path to cannabis treatment. Here, you can find resources like “Your Brain on Cannabis” and “Is Cannabis Safe as a Medicine?”

The future of cannabis is one in the making, but let’s not be too quick to brush off its medicinal use and look to true resources, like Zana Medical, to shape the industry.

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