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If you haven’t already heard it through the grapevine, I am here to confirm your suspicions. We are moving up. We are getting bigger, better, greater; we, like sun earth and sky, are changing with the seasons. We’ve been given the chance to shine, and shine we will. Come away with me, come grow with me, and together we will be a part of something greater than we ever have been before.

Welcome to the new PARISOMA.


See the world from a new perspective, surprise yourself with by finding beauty in the otherwise unbeautiful.

With strength and perseverance, we are breaking the barrier between young and old, between what has been and what will be. In this we have discovered things about ourselves and our company we hadn’t yet come to understand. Things of light, of how when it’s warmth hits the newly exposed bricks surrounding us we feel the red welcome of a cottage nestled in the woods, and the inspiration that it brings. We learned of exposed wires, and how they reveal the nervous system within our building, and by us being alive in it, we bring life to the walls that have before seemed to only contain us.

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Over the next weeks we will be moving quickly. We have a lot to do, but because we thrive on perfection, we have given ourselves enough time to do it right. Every other week we will be happy to include you with our given progress, and will share a detailed explanation of what we have completed thus far. 

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PARISOMA provides freelancers and early-stage companies with the space and tools they need to support their business.