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Work the World with Your PARISOMA passport

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PARISOMA has always been a hub for busy, global entrepreneurs.That’s why we are so excited to announce our new coworking space partnership program. Now, as a full-time member at PARISOMA, you’ll have access to our partner spaces when you travel. Find your office away from your office when you are visiting Austin, Barcelona, Paris, and beyond. Learn about our partners below and stay tuned as we add more amazing spaces to our growing network around the world.

Work from Austin, Texas at Createscape

Create Space WorkCreatescape is a coworking office space in the heart of Austin, Texas with a focus on design aesthetics and an open workplace environment for freelancers, startups, remote teams, non-profits, and small businesses to CREATE, WORK, and COLLABORATE. Built with the creative professional in mind, whether you’re a filmmaker, writer, designer, programmer, developer, editor, or just have the ideas and drive to innovate in the world - this is the space for you.

Work from Shanghai, China at Linckia

Linckia Linckia is a sort of starfish - free, agile and flexible. We are a group of starfish: chasing freedom, enjoying working, appreciating life and persevering. The Linckia community is all about achieving together through sharing resources and skills in order to create new, innovative businesses.

Work from Barcelona, Spain at Talent Garden

Talent GardenTAG Barcelona is a place where talented digital, tech and creative industry minds can connect, grow and blossom. TAG provides members with a unique-design space, services, global network and events you need to develop your business.

Work from Berlin, Germany at Rainmaking Loft

Rain Making Loft Rainmaking Loft is a startup hub, set up by an international partnership of serial entrepreneurs with offices in Berlin, London and Copenhagen. The Loft in Berlin is run by a group of entrepreneurs and angel investors. Its main focus is on supporting & growing the local tech startup community. The Loft comprises a vibrant co-working & event space, home base of Startupbootcamp accelerator Berlin, and a stylish 1920’s bar Le Labo.

Work from Paris, France at Le Tank

Le Tank Le Tank brings together creative minds from the digital world into a collaborative space. With inspiration abound, Le Tank is a coworking space supporting the ambition of its’ coworkers projects through community and thought-provoking events.

Work from Long Island City, New York at The Foundry


Work from Seattle, Washington at The Pioneer Collective

PioneercollectiveThe Pioneer Collective provides an atmosphere where talented people feel comfortable working or relaxing, collaborating or working alone, focusing or letting the mind wander. Working to bring in a diverse membership base from a variety of disciplines; the space is home to entrepreneurs, artists, small business owners, consultants, freelancers, remote workers, and students alike.

Sign up for a full-time membership at PARISOMA to enjoy three days of free coworking when you travel to any of our partner spaces. You’ll have access to all the basic amenities of each space including coffee/tea and WiFi access. Additional amenities vary based on space. We’ve only partnered with the best of the best - the spaces in each city that are committed to fostering innovative communities - so rest assured, you’ll be greeted with a smile and will meet some great entrepreneurs during your stay.

Happy Coworking!

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