PARISOMA provides early stage startups and freelancers with tools to build their company and support their business. We are an open incubator and coworking space, with a program that evolves with each member’s needs. Membership includes access to classes, events, mentors, partners and our dynamic community.


Community Enroll Today

We house 80 startups at a time, and reach thousands of people each week through our classes, events, and communications. Our alumni network is over 300 startups strong, and includes companies like Vidcaster, QuickPay and Bureau of Trade.

Friday Breakfast - Every Friday, PARISOMA provides breakfast for our members. It’s a great time to say hello, welcome new faces and nosh on a bagel. Or as close to a bagel as California can get.

Is your startup interested in sponsoring a breakfast? Email to learn more!

Happy Hour - Every month we have a happy hour at PARISOMA for our members, mentors, instructors and their colleagues and friends. We get some good food, good music, good drink and just kick it. Sometimes there is a theme. Sometimes there are pupusas. Sometimes pupusas ARE the theme.

Ping Pong - Our open space members work from ping pong tables, so every few months, we put them to their proper use. We invite our neighboring startups to challenge the PARISOMA team in a Berlin-style ping pong tournament. Yes, there is a trophy.

Interested in joining even though you aren’t a member? Email

Mentors & Partners Enroll Today

Our network of mentors and partners is off the chain. We have experts in our cache ranging from lead designers to growth hackers and everyone in between. Our partner list connects members to experts and innovative agencies from the startup sphere and beyond, with insider access, discounts and benefits.

Our curated mentor network spans famous founders, sought-after funders and leading design experts.

Our partners are experts who work with the most successful businesses in Silicon Valley and extend special access to our members.

  • jonathan-dinu

    Jonathan Dinu

  • ethan-imboden

    Ethan Imboden

  • alexis-finch

    Alexis Finch

  • cort-tafoya

    Cort Tafoya

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Startup Curriculum Enroll Today

Over the years, we have welcomed hundreds of entrepreneurs, which has given us an exceptional understanding of what an early stage tech company needs to be successful. We crafted our “Startup Curriculum” offer based on this experience.

Members have free access to classes at PARISOMA that focus on core business fundamentals with a focus on startup needs.

For more information on the classes, please browse our dedicated section Startup Curriculum.

EXAMPLES OF UPCOMING CLASSES See all upcoming classes


Mailbox Enroll Today

Mail received and stored at PARISOMA. Notifications when packages are delivered and 1 day/month access to the space, complimentary.

Price: $70/month

OPEN SPACE Enroll Today

First-come, first-served in our open space. Pull up a chair to a spot at a ping pong table, and work alongside other tech and design entrepreneurs. PARISOMA opens at 5am, and closes at 1am.

Open space membership includes free access to all of our events and startup curriculum classes (on Mondays and Tuesdays). Plus WiFi, coffee/tea, community events and 3 hours of complimentary rental of conference rooms monthly.

Price: $345/month

- Add a mailbox +$25/month
- Add a locker +$25/month

Dedicated Desks Enroll Today

Dedicated space that is allocated to you and only you. You have space for monitor, standing desk, under desk storage, all the perks of the open space membership, as well as 6 hours of conference room rental each month. This is our most popular type of membership at PARISOMA.

Price: $595/month

– Add a mailbox +$25/month
– Add a locker +$25/month
Private office: Includes off of the perks of our dedicated desks, but you get a door! Offices are completely private, and include mailbox rental. And a key. Please inquire about pricing and availability.


  • Jeremy, Mehdi, Pierre-Guillaume

    PARISOMA is a place where we feel like home and are always surrounded by a family that inspire us to give our best. This place has become part of our story.

  • Kieran Farr

    PARISOMA was instrumental in helping Vidcaster shape its product, company and culture in our founding year.

    Kieran Farr
    CEO, Vidcaster
  • Bret Gladfelty

    PARISOMA is everything you could ask for out of a co-working space, friendly members, great classes, and an awesome collaborative environment. 

    Bret Gladfelty
    Analyst & Coordinator, Innovation State
  • Adam Gerza

    I test-drove about a half dozen co-working spaces in SOMA when I first arrived in SF.  PARISOMA just felt right to me, and over a year later I’m still happy to be here.

    Adam Gerza
    Director of Policy & Government Affairs, Sullivan Solar Power


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