We have entered a new age in which buying less and sharing more is becoming the norm. It has created efficiency and solved city challenges. However, this new peer-to-peer economy is leaving corporations and city management on the sidelines. But, what if instead of sitting on the sidelines, they were able to embrace the Sharing Economy? Can they share their resources, ideas, spaces, waste? Is the future of the shared economy a ‘Shared City’? Join us December 5th – 7th for ‘The Shared City’ as we celebrate the success of the Sharing Economy and build the future of a Shared City.




We will kickoff the event on Thursday night with a celebration of the success of the Sharing Economy in our third edition of the THINK&ACT Party series. Equal part social mixer and demo fair, the THINK&ACT Party is a fast, fun, and engaging way to explore the Sharing Economy and interact with industry leaders.

Thursday 5th

6:00 pm: Doors Open/Drinks & Mingling Begin
6:30 pm: Keynote Address
7:00 pm: Demos
8:00 pm: Mixing & Mingling
9:00 pm: Drinks, Conversation, & Dancing


Starting at 6pm on December 6th, we will open our doors to the community to imagine and build the future of the Sharing Economy in a 1.5 days long innovation competition. Whether you are an engineer, designer, or just a creative thinker, we challenge you to conceptualize, test, and launch the best solution to how city organizations and corporations get involved in the Sharing Economy.

Friday 6th

Saturday 7th

6:00 pm: Doors Open/Drinks & Mingling Begin 8:00 am: Doors Open/ Breakfast is Served
6:30 pm: Innovation Talks 11:00 am: Collaborative Cities screening then Lunch
7:00 pm: Teams form/ Ideation Begins 4:00 pm: Team Pitches
8:00 pm: Teams pitch idea and select projects 5:00pm: Winner Selected & Prize Giveaway
11:00 pm: Doors close 6:00 pm: Drinks & fun

demoers - Thursday

Each THINK&ACT PARTY is curated with 12 to 15 startups from around the world that are changing the game and that have a unique product to demo to a crowd of peers, strategic partners, media and investors. If you would like to be a demoer at an upcoming PARTY, get in touch.

Yerdle is a marketplace where everything is free. Our community is powered by generosity - where the more you give, the more you get.
Barnacle is a community that lets you ship your most treasured possessions through a trusted network of drivers already en route.
OpenDoor creates coliving spaces designed for the modern, urban life: shareable, walkable, creative and social.
The myTurn platform and marketplace make it easy for businesses, organizations, and communities to rent, share, and track their assets.
Fun2Rent is the insured P2P marketplace for powerboats, jetskis, ATVs, dirt bikes, snow machines and trailers.
Desks Near Me
Desks Near Me is a simple and convenient way for mobile workers to find and book great work spaces.
Share Practice
Integrative medical reference for doctors, by doctors
ArtHERE connects spaces and art for crowd-sourced urban revitalization.
Designed to make swapping easy and efficient, Swapdom is a new way to find one-of-a-kind previously owned clothing, accessories, and shoes.
For the Smart & Savvy woman Stylend Creates an Opportunity to Monetize those Dresses Collecting dust in Their Closet.
People with underutilized creative spaces (offices, studios, kitchens, etc.) connect with professionals who need a space for temporary use.
Premium Car Sharing with 70 all-electric BMW ActiveE vehicles in the SF Bay Area.

Innovation talks - Friday & Saturday

We will kickoff the THINK&ACT Challenge on Friday night with inspirational talks from influential organizations in the Sharing Economy. These speakers will represent the different verticals that are shaping the future of the Shared City, from the Citizen Perspective to City and Corporate Involvement in sharing movement.


Community partners

We partner with organizations we love and that support our vision. Please get in touch, if you think we should talk.

Bay Share Shareable Collaborative Consumption Peers


Become a sponsor and get involved in the Sharing Economy.

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